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  • Simplify tax system and cut taxes
  • Reduce Government spending and handouts to businesses
  • Enhance global competitiveness and be innovative
    • Open the telecommunications and air travel sectors
    • Establish Nepean-South hi-tech corridor; vision 2020


  • Tackle violent crimes through prevention and enforcing the "rule-of-law".
  • Secure our borders. Stop illegal immigration
    • Prevent illegal guns entering the country
  • Foreign policy focused on the security and prosperity of Canadians
    • Reduce annual immigration to 150,000
    • Prioritize skilled immigrants
    • Cut foreign aid except in crisis situation
  • Revitalize our pluralistic culture through shared values, leading to increased harmony and a secure, united Canada


Azim K. Hooda

Azim Hooda

Brought to you by the Nepean PPC EDA and our Nepean candidate Azim K. Hooda

Nepean Candidate Our Leader Maxime Bernier

Who Am I?

As Nepean PPC candidate, having your voice heard is my pledge. I bring an extensive international work and life experience covering four continents: Beginning in the U.K. with high-profile University and Post-graduate education, an early teaching career, followed by over 25-years in private-sector, Electronics hi-tech industry, including Founding an innovative ICT company. My adventure-travel spans over 90 countries. Driven by joy, passion and beauty of life, let us make Canada ‘Strong and Free’; where we can ‘Live the Dream’; ignite that ‘Canadian spirit’ of excellence, resilience and compassion.

Your voice matters. Your vote counts.

 Why I embrace the People’s Party of Canada?

The astounding manner in which the established Federal parties have functioned is undermining our faith in democracy and eroding the social fabric of our great country. Political divide is a systematic problem and identity politics is gaining ground. The role of our Federal Government and its power to directly impact us, forge our future, truly awakened me.  Now is the time to speak. Amidst all this, the People’s Party of Canada and its courageous leader, Maxime Bernier, shall end the status quo; detoxify the burgeoning political landscape. Being a new party the PPC is "Doing Politics Differently", putting Canada first. The principles of Personal Responsibility, Individual Freedom, Respect and Fairness, together with well-articulated key policies, inspired me to serve the interest of Nepean. We need to strengthen our identity, show the courage to say "enough", and demonstrate the will to change.

What is the Nepean PPC platform?  

Simply put: "Prosperity with a robust economy, public safety, and national unity". Simplifying the tax system and cutting taxes. Abolish carbon tax. When the Government "knows it all", this leads to autocracy. “Big Government” deficit spending and accumulating “Big Debt” is a recipe for an insecure future and a frail democracy. We shall reduce, both, government spending, and dependency on the government. No more government handouts to businesses, eliminate foreign aid except in crises situation, reduce and media subsidies.

In the 1980’s Ottawa use to be known as ‘Silicon Valley of the North’. We must enhance global competitiveness and be innovative: Open Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and air travel sectors to more competition; Provide incentives to vital sectors such as next-generation ICT, and Artificial Intelligence centric Digital economy. Establish Nepean-South hi-tech corridor; my vision 2020. The PPC shall restore the sense of purpose, achievement, entrepreneurship, and revive the "Pioneering spirit" that built our nation.

Over the past few years, we have experienced dazzling changes, either, in our lives, our neighbourhoods, or the work environment. Some alarming: ranging from safety with surging violent crimes, losing control over our borders, ‘overflow’ homelessness, large class-size, long-wait periods for health-care, or outdated and sub-standard infrastructure in light of reoccurring, severe weather conditions. All of this is fallout of irresponsible federal policies. Canada needs a common-sense foreign policy focused on the security and prosperity of Canadians. Sustainable immigration, reducing to 150,000 annually, prioritize skilled immigrants and secure our borders. Stop illegal immigration at the border.

To preserve our environment the priority is to implement practical solutions to make Canada’s air, water and soil cleaner.

The rights of Canadians to freely hold and express beliefs are being eroded at an alarming speed. In public space or at work-place, there is compelling political-correctness, impose forced identity and positive discrimination. There is no room to reason, debate or agree not to agree. Curtailing freedom of thought and expression is a purge on the essence and beauty of life. The ill-fated diversity mantra, elevating differences, is causing anxiety, appeasing extremism, fostering divisions and polarising the country. This ‘us versus them’, is emotionally manipulating people.  The Liberals have lost the distinction between whimsical self-interest and interest of Canadians at large. The PPC shall re-instate a vibrant democracy, revitalise our pluralistic culture through shared values, leading to increased harmony and a secure, united Canada.

Why I am a candidate for the People's Party of Canada


What is the People's Party of Canada Platform


Who am I


Professional Experience:

Over 25 years in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry, including founding an innovative Wireless (Free-space-optics) enterprise.

Since 2004: Follow my passions. Over-land adventure travel spanning over 90 countries, reading and writing.

Integrated Networks Co. (INet), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia             2000 to 2004

Position: Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. Investor and Board Member

Achievements: Realise an innovative business model. Implement the strategy of locating network point-of-presence in 35 INetPOWERED multi-tenant-unit (MTU) commercial buildings. We pioneered one of the largest Free-Space-Optics, Giga-Bit Metro Ethernet, delivering scalable 100 Mbit/s customer access.

Lucent Technologies International, Saudi Arabia.                    1998 to 2000

Position: Marketing and Sales, Manager

Achievements: Broadband ATM Network architecture and design. Internet Access Server Network

Consultant: Public Data Network                                                 1996 to 1997

Achievements: Prepared Investment Proposals for Joint Ventures with Uganda Telecom to build and operate Public Data Network.

Co-sponsor: International Finance Corp. (IFC, Investment arm of the World Bank)

Saudi Telecom Company, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.                     1991 to 1996

Position: Expert/ Advisor, Commercial Services Department, Data and Special Services Division.

Achievements: Strong role in the RFP ($6 Billion Project). 

MITEL Corp., Marketing and Sales, Canada                            1985 to Aug 1991

Achievements: Established new Tokyo office. President's Club award-1990 best sales performance.

Leigh Instruments Ltd, Ottawa, Canada.                                 May to Dec 1984

Function: Played a major role in the acceptance testing of the Ships Communications system.

Consultronic (formerly AEA), Canada. R&D. Manager         Sep 1982 to Apr 1984

Achievements: Developed Digital filter options for testing modem performance using a PC.

Plessey Telecom, U.K. R&D Engineer                                         Dec 1980 to Sep 1981

Marconi Radar Systems, GEC, U.K. R&D Engineer                Sep 1978 to Nov 1980

Travel: back-pack overland hippie trail from Syria to India        Aug 1977 to May 1978

Borough of Bromely, U.K. Teaching GCE A-level Physics       Sep1975 to Jul 1977

Summary of Qualifications:

University of Aston, UK, 1981-82. Post-graduate Diploma Electronics

University of Cambridge, Fitzwilliam College. U.K, 1974-75. Post-graduate Course Education

Activities: Novice VIII Rowing. Inter-college Bridge Club

University of Southampton, U.K, 1970-73. B.Sc. Honours Electronics

Activities: Scottish and English country dancing. Connaught House Squash ladder.

Membership: The Institution of Electrical Engineers, Chartered Engineer (C. Eng.) U.K.

Federation Europeenne D'Association Nationales D'Ingenieurs, Eur Ing

Steve Paikin - The People's Party of Canada

Estranged former federal Conservative leadership contender, cabinet minister and MP Maxime Bernier tells Steve Paikin about his newly-minted People's Party of Canada, and why he believes it deserves a voice on the national stage.




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