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My Gift To Climate Alarmists

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Our Platform Summary


Phase out Supply Management

Save $2.5 Billion Per Year


No more Corporate Welfare

Save $5 Billion Per Year


Abolish Carbon Tax

Save $15 Billion Per Year


Reduce Immigration to 150,000

Save $17 Billion Per Year


Withdraw from the Paris Accord

              Save $3 Billion Per Year


Tax Reform

            Save up to 30% on Your Federal Taxes


Invest in Canadians First


Maxime Bernier: The Next Prime Minister of Canada? (Full Interview)

Chaos and Antidote

Ending Official Multiculturalism and Open Borders



A nation must be based on a sense of belonging, of participating in a common national project, and sharing the same values. It’s only when these sentiments are widely shared that we can develop the trust and common understanding necessary for our society and institutions to function.

In the past, immigrants who came to Canada gradually integrated into our society. They did of course keep some aspects of the culture of their country of origin. They became Canadian, but with a distinct flavour. This is a type of multiculturalism that enriches our society.

However, over the past decades, the government of Canada has pursued a policy of official multiculturalism that encourages immigrants to keep the values and culture they left behind instead of integrating into Canadian society and adopting Canadian values and culture.

With his cult of diversity, Justin Trudeau has pushed this ideology even further into a form of extreme multiculturalism. He described Canada as the first post-national state, with no core identity.

In a free society, immigrants have the right to cherish and maintain their cultural heritage. However, that doesn’t mean we have any obligation to help them preserve it, with government programs and taxpayers’ money. The vast majority of Canadians rightly expect them to learn about our history and culture, master one of our official languages, and adopt widely shared Canadian values.

The Liberal government is deliberately attempting to erase our borders. Over the past three years, it has done nothing to stop the flow of tens of thousands of asylum seekers illegally crossing our borders. Accepting all these refugees will cost Canadian taxpayers billions of dollars.

Moreover, in 2018, Canada welcomed more resettled refugees than any other Western country; more than the United States, a country with ten times our population, and as many as all of the European Union.

The UN’s Global Compact for Migration, which the Liberal government signed last year, aims to normalize this kind of situation, and to make it easier for millions of people to move to Canada and other Western democracies at will.


Our current Liberal official multiculturalism is based on the idea that there is no unified Canadian society and no distinct Canadian identity to integrate into, and that we are just a collection of ethnic and religious tribes living side by side. But if we want to keep our country united, and ensure social cohesion, we must focus on what unites us as Canadians, not what divides us.

Our current refugee policy is unsustainable, costly, and it is being abused by false refugees at our borders. This must end. The moral obligation of Canada’s government is to first help those in need among our own population, and then to give priority to real refugees.



Immigration, Islamism & Integration - Maxime Bernier and Tarek Fatah talk to Tom Quiggin


Maxime Bernier doubles down on plans to overhaul immigration system


Salim Mansur - The Globalist/Islamist Elephant in The Room



Global Warming and Environment: Rejecting Alarmism and Focusing on Concrete Improvements



The Liberal government is spending billions of dollars at home and abroad to fight global warming—or “climate change” as it is now called to account for every natural weather event and its opposite.

In order to lower greenhouse gas emissions, it has imposed taxes and countless regulations, it subsidizes inefficient and costly “green technology,” and it is blocking the development of oil resources crucial to our prosperity.

It is an undisputed fact that the world’s climate has always changed and will continue to change. Until twelve thousand years ago, much of Canada was under ice, and it is thanks to natural climate change that we can live here today.

There is however no scientific consensus on the theory that CO2 produced by human activity is causing dangerous global warming today or will in the future, and that the world is facing environmental catastrophes unless these emissions are drastically reduced. Many renowned scientists continue to challenge this theory.

The policy debate about global warming is not grounded on science anymore. It has been hijacked by proponents of big government who are using crude propaganda techniques to impose their views. They publicly ridicule and harass anyone who expresses doubt. They make exaggerated claims to scare people. They even manipulate school children, getting them to pressure their parents and to demonstrate in the streets.


Given the uncertainties over the scientific basis of global warming, and the certainties about the huge costs of measures designed to fight it, there is no compelling reason to jeopardize our prosperity with more government interventions.


Maxime Bernier: 'There is no climate change urgency in this country'

Global Warming


What Do Scientists Say?

Professor Jordan Peterson on climate change and climate policy at the Cambridge Union


Freedom of Expression: Protecting Canadians from Censorship and Discrimination


The rights of Canadians to freely hold and express beliefs are being eroded at an alarming speed under the Trudeau government. Some of its recent decisions even require that Canadians renounce their most deeply held moral convictions and express opinions they disagree with.

In 2018, the Liberal government denied summer job funding to organizations, including charities, that would not sign an attestation supporting abortion. It also passed bill C-16 as part of a trend to force Canadians to express support for the existence of various gender identities beyond the biological categories of male and female, and to use pronouns demanded by those who identify with these other genders.

In addition to these assaults on conscience, the government launched a series of regulatory attacks on free speech on the internet and is pressuring social media companies, which are already censoring speech that isn’t politically correct, to crack down even more. It is also considering bringing back Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. This hate speech provision was repealed by the Conservative government in 2013 because it was being used arbitrarily to censor statements that offended some people on the internet.

In what appears to be a first step towards restricting our right to criticize some religions, it adopted M-103, a motion that condemns religious discrimination but only specifically mentions one religion, Islam, and without defining the term “islamophobia.”

Finally, on university campuses, a growing number of faculty and administrators—those who should be fighting for open debate of controversial ideas—have become aggressive advocates for censorship.


What some people find politically incorrect, offensive or even hateful cannot serve as the legal basis for discrimination and censorship. Canadians should be able to enjoy maximum freedom of conscience and expression as guaranteed in Section 2 of the Charter.


Jordan B. Peterson On the Vital Necessity of Free Speech

Does Free Speech Offend You?

Free speech under attack

Deconstruction: The Lindsay Shepherd Affair

Supply Management: Making Dairy, Poultry, and Eggs More Affordable


Supply management is a government-imposed cartel that keeps the prices of dairy, poultry, and eggs artificially high through the control of production, the banning of imports, price fixing, and the prevention of competition in the market.

The system forces producers to buy quotas which grant permission to produce a set amount. For example, it costs between $20,000 and $40,000 to get the right to milk one cow. It keeps out imports by imposing exorbitant tariffs that range from 150% for eggs to 300% for butter. Because our market is closed to most imports, our farmers are not allowed to export their products.

Supply management negatively impacts other sectors of our economy. Businesses in the food processing and food preparation sectors like restaurants are forced to pay more for basic products and are therefore less competitive.

Although they account for only about 10% of all Canadian farms, farmers under supply management constitute one of the most influential lobbies in Ottawa. When Canada negotiates free trade agreements with other countries, protecting the system always ends up as the focus of talks. Canada could have obtained a better deal during negotiations with the U.S. and Mexico to renew NAFTA if we had put supply management on the table, as demanded by the U.S. government.

In order to satisfy one small but powerful lobby, we restrict the development of other businesses and prevent the creation of thousands of jobs in these other sectors.


The supply management system is inefficient and fundamentally unfair to consumers, farmers, and other sectors of our economy.

A People’s Party government will:

Create a free, open, and fair system that will save Canadians billions of dollars annually thanks to the lower prices they will pay for these products.

Phase out the supply management system over a number of years to allow farmers to adapt, and compensate them for the lost value of their quotas.

Allow Canada’s dairy, egg and poultry farmers to thrive and sell their products internationally.


It really is time to kick Canada's $2.6-billion dairy habit


Abolish Corporate Welfare


Maxime Bernier: "I want to abolish all corporate welfare"


Being Canadian

The Antidote to Everything

How to be a Canadian

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Canada

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